KOTERA Group, established in 2023, is a diverse Finnish growth company specializing in industrial construction, industrial services, HVAC technical contracting and maintenance, and repair and damage restoration. Our group employs about 250 construction professionals across four subsidiaries throughout Finland. Our pro forma revenue for 2023 was approximately 75 million euros, and the pro forma operating margin was about 6.5 million euros.

Kotera group's Strategy

Kotera group’s Strategy

The mission of KOTERA Group is to combine entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity with professional ownership and the growth opportunities enabled by a large corporation.

The construction sector is fragmented, and there are many small and medium-sized enterprises with low investment and working capital needs and strong business cash flows. Often, these companies do not have viable organic investment opportunities for the cash flow they generate. As part of KOTERA Group, this cash flow can be used effectively by investing it profitably in acquisitions and by allocating the cash flow within the group in an optimal way from the perspective of organic growth.

KOTERA Group’s strategy is to purchase small and medium-sized construction companies having strong and sustainable competitive advantage enabling special expertise. Special expertise may include, in addition to special skills, strong local knowledge or carefully built customer or partnership relationships. The companies we own have a long history of successful business and strong, often entrepreneur-led management.

Acquired companies continue to operate independently under their own brands and management after the business acquisition, leveraging their strong local knowledge and special skills. Entrepreneurs’ networks and knowledge are used in screening potential acquisition targets. We look for companies that fit into our high standard culture and encourage the sellers of the companies to make significant reinvestments into KOTERA Group shares.

We strongly believe that the company’s management is the best expert of its own business. However, KOTERA Group offers its owned companies the opportunity to network with other successful companies and share best practices, ideas, and resources for their development. KOTERA Group also supports its companies in areas like strategic planning, risk management, recruitment, and management. In addition to knowledge and skill synergies, development potential can also be found among the group companies in areas such as material procurement, administration, and financing, and the group companies can offer a wider range of services under same roof.

Why Sell Your Company to KOTERA Group?

  1. Development Step for Your Company and Yourself

    According to our experience, the decision for many entrepreneurs to sell their company stems from two main reasons.

    As the company grows from small to medium-sized over the years, new challenges arise. The company needs to develop its management and professionalize its processes. Skilled entrepreneurs understand the importance of a capable partner in this development.

    Diversifying risks and ensuring financial security for oneself and family are often key reasons for selling the company. In our experience, this is a good thing. Instead of the entrepreneur’s motivation and performance declining following the business sale, we often see the opposite. The business sale frees the entrepreneur from stress, increases their risk-taking capacity, and enables their development into a better and more versatile leader.

    KOTERA offers coaching and support in business development while the entrepreneur and the company continue doing what they do best. With the sale, the entrepreneur transfers part of the created company value to a safe place, benefiting from future value creation through their reinvestments in KOTERA Group shares.

  2. Commitment to Staff and Community

    Entrepreneurs feel a strong bond to the business they have built and its staff. For many, it is important that the company maintains its own identity, brand, and current practices. Entrepreneurs also generally want to continue working for the company they have built. In KOTERA Group, we value this legacy. Companies joining KOTERA Group can continue their operations with their own management, brand, and processes, ensuring the continuity of staff and corporate culture. We also enable entrepreneurs to flexibly transition from operational responsibilities to board roles when the time is right.

  3. Part of a Larger Story

    KOTERA Group forms a growing network of entrepreneurs and companies, each one of the leading companies in its area of specialization. Joining the consortium means that the company retains its unique identity and continues to operate as part of a larger, stable, and evolving group, where entrepreneurial spirit, mutual respect, and trust are at the heart of operations.

    Companies joining KOTERA Group become part of a unique corporate culture based on sharing knowledge among entrepreneurs and friendly competition between companies, which fosters the growth and development of all group companies. Joining KOTERA Group offers a unique opportunity to be part of a larger Finnish business story.


KOTERA Group’s operations are based on relentless and purposeful work and a strong set of values, which are:

  • Collaboration
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Respect for others
  • Solution orientation


LVI Kurikka Oy

LVI Kurikka Oy offers comprehensive HVACE services in the Pirkanmaa region, relying on the expertise of 75 specialized professionals. The company’s specialized teams ensure versatile and high-quality solutions for all HVAC needs, whether it involves major property plumbing renovations, electric and automation contracting and maintenance, HVAC work for town houses, heat pump installations, oil tank drainings, or system maintenance. As the leading HVAC company in Pirkanmaa, LVI Kurikka Oy focuses on customer-oriented service and fair play. A satisfied customer is our highest reward. More information and contact details can be found on LVI Kurikka Oy’s website: https://lvikurikka.fi/company/

RKM Group Oy

RKM Group Oy, established in 2004, has secured its position as an expert in building condition assessments, indoor air studies, damage assessments, condition management, and in damage restoration in Pirkanmaa. RKM Group’s staff consists of 90 damage restoration professionals, and thanks to a broad cooperation network, the company employs about 130 people in total. The company’s main location is in Pirkanmaa, but it also operates in eight other locations in Southern, Central, and Eastern Finland. More information and contact details can be found on RKM Group Oy’s website: https://rkmgroup.fi/

Bark Oy

Bark Oy, founded in 2007, specializes in industrial construction. The company’s roots are in South Karelia in Lappeenranta, but it has expanded significantly in recent years, especially to Northern Finland. Bark undertakes both large and small industrial construction projects, from post-casting of concrete to large factory-specific special projects. Bark’s main clients are Finnish forestry and industrial companies, for whom it carries out various factory and production building space modifications and existing space expansions based on KVR principles. Services also include various infrastructure construction tasks. Bark’s strengths include versatile expertise and project management skills, as well as an established and reliable subcontractor network. The company employs about 20 people and a large number of subcontractors. More information and contact details can be found on Bark Oy’s website: https://bark.fi/

TT-Teknologia Oy

TT-Teknologia Oy, established in 2009, serves customers in eg. mining-, metal-, and paper industries. The company’s expertise includes pipelines, pumping stations, conveyors, and steel structures. TT-Teknologia Oy also offers different industrial maintenance services to its clients. The company is based in Keminmaa, but it provides services across Finland. The company employs about 40 people and a large number of subcontractors and partners. More information and contact details can be found on TT-Teknologia Oy’s website: https://tt-teknologia.fi

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Press Release 1.2.2024

TT-Teknologia Oy continues to grow under new ownership

TT-Teknologia Oy, a company specializing in industrial subcontracting, has completed a corporate restructuring with Kotera Group Oy. The company’s founder and CEO, Teemu Toppari, continues as the company’s leader and owner through Kotera Group’s share ownership. The agreement between the parties was signed on January 31, 2024.

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Press Release 1.31.2024

Kotera Group Oy begins operations – A new significant player in construction and industrial services

Kotera Group Oy and the owners of LVI Kurikka Oy, RKM Group Oy, and Bark Oy have decided to join forces and form a consortium named Kotera Group, under which companies specializing in industrial construction, damage restoration, repair construction, and HVAC technical contracting and maintenance will be centralized.

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